Music Tutor

‘For my own personal growth as a musician, I enjoy taking part in vocal and music workshops in UK and Poland to help me explore different approaches to teach singing and music classes’. See below for more information about Aga’s offer.



  • Singing Lessons for Teenagers & Adults

Aga believes it’s important to help each student find their own sound. This is done through finding the right vocal exercises for each person that should be practiced in-between individual lessons. You will learn how to do those exercises in a safe way and how to apply them to help you sing technically better, as well as explore song interpretation, improvisation, microphone technique and ear training.

Aga focuses on the students’ individual goals, by understanding how their voice works, finding the music that they are passionate about and can relate to, teaching music theory and harmony, creating individual arrangements and above all, helping them to perform with greater confidence, skill and stage craft.

  • Piano Lessons for Beginners

Aga teaches piano for beginners in Edinburgh. As she mostly works with kids, besides piano technique, she also teaches music theory through music games appropriated to children’s age. Aga’s objective is to raise confidence in her students and to instil love and enjoyment for music.

  • Music Lessons for Children 

a) piano + singing + developing children’s musicality

It is a mix of different music activities, which is recommended to younger students. Due to the number and diversity of exercises during the lesson, it is easier to keep your child focused on a one-hour weekly class. Your child will learn to play the piano/keyboard, get a chance to try a basic vocal warm-up and sing songs of different genres, as well as learn music theory through music games, work on ear training, improvisation and rhythm through using percussion instruments.

b) singing + developing your pupil’s musicality

This option covers the same activities as described above with the main focus on singing instead of playing the piano.

  • Workshops

Aga has had the pleasure to work in some incredible music organisations in Scotland, which allowed her to get experience in leading several community music workshops. From 2015 to 2017 Aga worked for the Tinderbox Project as a creative apprentice where she taught singing and keyboard. She also had the opportunity to volunteer as a voice tutor at the Scottish Chamber Orchestra VIBE (2017) project. The main aspect of this work was to compose music and enable students to improvise through developing their confidence emotionally and musically.

Tinderbox Hubs

Apart from running community music workshops, Aga can also lead:

a) group improvisation singing – circle songs

b) community music choirs for children & adults