About me


Aga was born in Bydgoszcz, the middle-north part of Poland.
From a young age, music has always intrigued her. From watching her older brother playing the piano to listening to music on an old cassette recorder.

She began to take piano lessons, shortly after, Aga joined a church choir along with her younger brother. The regular rehearsals fruited a release the ‘Hosanna' album in 2001 and number of performances along with her friends. This gave Aga the opportunity to experience music with others and develop her musicality on some vocal gospel workshops.


From studying in a French-speaking bilingual class while being in High School to attending the afternoon Music School in Bydgoszcz, she has always been drawn towards exploring new things. Studying in the specialist Music School for almost two years allowed Aga to work on her voice as the main instrument. She had a chance to probe into a range of topics, such as classical solo singing, vocal ensembles, harmony, music history, ear training and eurhythmics. In 2012 Aga came up with the idea of going to France for a year.

Before she went there, she was lucky enough to spend a few months
crafting her vocal skills with dr Kamila Abrahamowicz-Szlempo. Aga also participated in Voicingers, the Summer Vocal Jazz School in Zory in August 2012, where she studied with Anna Gadt, Edi Sanchez, Grzegorz Karnas. This was another valuable experience for her as she met there many inspiring people, and since then, Aga fell in love with jazz music.


After graduating from High School, Aga moved to Bordeaux where
she worked as au-pair for almost a year. Living in France was a
wonderful experience and adventure, that impacted her look on life
and allowed her to meet some valuable friends. She spent a year
getting to know the French culture, lifestyle, food and architecture.
While living in Bordeaux, Aga was observing varied groups of people
and with these observations in mind, she wrote later some lyrics to her songs she sings in French. Over this year, Aga was focused on
listening to Miles Davis and other greatest jazz artists. She was also
excited to have a chance to discover more French musicians, such as
Édith Piaf, Francoise Hardy, Jacques Brel, Brigitte Bardot. Aga had
the opportunity to work on her singing with the amazing Monique
Thomas-Ottaviani who coached her for a few months.


In 2013 Aga made a decision to go to the capital of Scotland where she settled down. While studying Popular Music in Edinburgh she was crafting her skills in many areas, including singing, music theory, jazz, improvisation, performance, music technology, composition, community music and more. Aga holds a BMus (Hons) degree from Kingston University achieved on campus at Edinburgh College.

She performed with the Tinderbox Orchestra for 3 years and that gave her the opportunity to experience contemporary orchestral music. Aga completed the Scottish Certificate in Jazz, Advanced Diploma in Jazz at the University of St Andrews and the Graduate Diploma in Jazz.

She is also working on her own music, which is crossover genres, mainly influenced by improvisation, jazz, pop and folk music.