Solo. If you like a voice & piano combination you might be interested in having Aga at your event. She performs a range of various tunes, from pop and folk songs to her own compositions in different languages (English, Polish, French).

Backing Vocalist. Aga supported vocally lead singers since she started singing. Her participation in the European Vocal Camp in 2015 in Poland taught her more about the role of backing singer. The theoretical and practical parts of the workshops helped her to understand how to adapt her voice to different styles of music as a backing singer and how to work on blending her voice with other backing vocalists to correctly support a lead artist. If you would like Aga to work with you, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Orchestra. Aga was involved in the Tinderbox Orchestra  with which she performed in a number of roles – as a soloist, backing singer and as a part of a small choir. In 2017 the Orchestra released their first album – we can hear Aga’s voice on ‘Bethany Lane’ where she featured the final chorus on lead vocals. She also recorded the choir parts on this record along with the rest of the group. Click the link below to know more about Aga’s experience within this project.


"She is a good improviser and always willing to jump in and have a go at something new or experimental. I have seen her rehearse and perform different styles of music with people, and she always brings something of her own to the table and lifts the music when she sings.’" Jack Nissan, Tinderbox Orchestra

If you are interested in collaborating with Aga on your orchestral project, please get in touch.