Music Mentor

Studying music should be FUN! However, learning to play a new instrument, performing, working on music theory or anything else music related might also be very confusing.

Aga Idczak

March 23, 2019

It is enormously valuable to have music mentors – people who are more experienced in a chosen area and who will share their knowledge with you. The ones who will point you in a right direction and will help you achieve your goals. Those who will motivate you to discover more and will support you during your wee or big crisis.

I have already found my music mentors – vocal coaches and musicians – who I have trusted as I have known that they spent hours and hours to nail their skills. And in addition, all of them still work on their music crafts, spending their spare time practicing, performing, researching and taking part in the various conferences and workshops for music teachers.
As they have already walked the same or a similar road that I am on at moment, they have known how to help me to show my strengths and improve on my weakness.

"Always keep learning. It keeps you young."

I hope all of you find your personal mentor(s), whether you want to sing, play the piano, or any other instrument. Even if you want to be better at something that is not music related, for example learning a new language, it is so valuable to have someone who can guide you, the one who will be able to answer your questions and push you to discover more.

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