Fighting Battles

This year I have been learning about the reality of fighting battles we all face everyday in our lives.

Aga Idczak

July 21, 2019

If you ask those who know me well, they will tell you that even through tough times I always try to see the bright side. You can see it in my smile how much gratitude there is in my heart.
However, at the beginning of the year I had to go through a heavy storm.

I truly appreciated the people who surrounded me during that hard time, and the importance of their input. By listening to many stories and testimonies that came from people from different backgrounds and by being in their thoughts and prayers, I learned to trust in my heart that all these difficult moments – the meaning of which I could not understand at the time – had a purpose. I was on a path to become a stronger person, and to improve the quality of my life. To understand better the battles that others were going through, and to emphasise with them. As the two stormy months passed, I could hope to feel the ground under my feet again. That feeling led my heart into a safe place, where it could immerse in joy again. I realised that through self-discipline and hard work I could approach the situations I was in from a different angle.

To encourage you, we all fight some battles in our minds/ lives. Whatever you are going through, for instance: any health issues, family/ relationship problems, depression just to name a few… there is hope for better and there is a bigger purpose in experiencing any of these tough moments. Well, so do not give up and do not avoid solving the problems. I find it important being focused on seeking the solutions. We live in the time when it is difficult to share what we really feel. The social media world influences us enormously and most of us is brave enough to talk about the fun moments we have by sharing them on Instagram for example. However, we often struggle with being honest with ourselves, all the more with other people. Surround by those you feel safe with and who believe in you and remember any storms are just temporary.

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