Having a Good Day?

I am more than sure that all of us who live in predominantly English- speaking countries use this colloquial phrase pretty much everyday. I do.

Aga Idczak

November 1, 2018

‘Have a good day’!

I have been recently thinking of the true meaning of this polite sentence and realised that very often I use it automatically without the intention of wishing someone a really good day.

Nowadays, we all keep busy but maybe it is time to stop for a while and have the courage to see more of what happens around us and listen to others. You will be more conscious, you might discover something that you did not know about yourself and others, you might become a great listener or just make a few new good friends. Ultimately you will expand your horizons in terms of friendships, knowledge and experiences. Your use and understanding of the phrase ‘have a good day’ may change when you next use it.

There are various factors that influence our days.

Apart from some difficulties that impact the way we feel, we can still have a really good day. We need to keep in our minds that the obstacles we face are there to be overcome. When everything goes smoothly in our lives, we do not appreciate as much our achievements. I noticed that the more work I had to put in to achieve some of my musical goals the greater my sense of achievement, accomplishment and joy.

The next time you use the phrase “Have a good day” take the time to say it with meaning and caring. Understand that each individual person faces their own obstacles and challenges. Above all, be happy with what you have. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life then put the work in to change it.

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