A SIMPLE Gesture

A few months ago I was wandering the city waiting for an appointment, since it was cold outside I went to a nearby McDonalds to warm up a bit.

Aga Idczak

October 7, 2018

After getting the food I went upstairs where I sat next to the window to chill out for an hour. I even managed to answer people’s messages and emails which made me feel pretty content.

What got my attention, was the way the staff served me during this hour. From my experience as a customer, normally when you go to McDonalds, you just pick up your food, have a seat and clear your table when you finish, occasionally someone comes and cleans up for you. This was the way the restaurant worked, however, I might not be up to date as I am not a regular customer of McDs;-).

More to the point, one of the staff asked me to show my receipt and informed me about a special offer – I could get some extra food for free if I wanted. I still had time to stay for a bit, so I agreed, then someone very nicely brought me a McFlurry (normally, I would go downstairs to pick this up but this time I had table service, which I didn’t expect at all). At the same time another member of staff came to clean my table, asked me a few times if I was okay, a few minutes later he came back bringing me some tissues I did not ask for. Basically they made me feel like a special person and it definitely made my day, additionally I was sitting there with a smile on my face.

There were a few thoughts that came to my mind. Sometimes people say that I look like the actress Laura Prepon, so maybe they just thought that I was Laura…<obviouslyjoking>. 😉 This situation taught me how easy it is to be nice to others and make people feel special, especially when they do not expect it at all. We never know what those who are around us are currently going through and by the simple gestures such as smiling and listening we can make people’s days brighter. It obviously takes some effort as we need to be less focused on ourselves but I think that it is worth it!

Now, whenever I pass McDonalds I recall how good the service was I had a few months ago – I was feeling like a Princess. I have been trying to apply this lesson to my life and I have been really trying to make my students feel so special in my wee music studio.

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